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Welcome to the Primal Chef Blog!

A little bit about me! I first came across the idea of Paleo in 2006 while I was in high school. My childhood Taekwondo gym turned into a CrossFit gym and I was invited to join a class. One of the coaches there educated me a lot about the Paleo diet and it intrigued me. I went out and bought a book about the Paleo diet, read it, tried it, and it made sense. Now as an established paleo private chef aka Primal Chef, I'm excited to share some of my favorite recipes with you. Over the years, the Paleo diet has shifted so the recipes may contain ingredients such as white rice and grass-fed butter. I like making healthy food taste good! I want to share recipes to our loyal followers who want more than just a picture. I hope people get inspired to make healthier versions of their favorite foods.

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