Private Chef Employment

Primal Chef now offers an executive level placement service for private homes, estates, and businesses located anywhere in the United States. Popular areas include Los Angeles and New York (including Hamptons) and anywhere in between. 

The Primal Chef Difference​

Primal Chef offers three key elements that other placement agencies lack. 

1. We are chef owned and managed. While most agencies utilize recruiters, we utilize the years of experience working in the private chef world to provide you with someone we know will fit your needs. We are also able to reach out to chefs in the community we personally know, rather than just those browsing a job board. 

2. We focus on health. Our clients typically want food that is Paleo, Keto, Bulletproof, Whole30, or gluten & dairy free. Regardless of who we send you, they will be knowledgeable in your dietary needs.

3. We train chefs to maintain Primal Chef standards. Most agencies will only consider someone that meets the exact criteria of the client. This selection process excludes many qualified chefs that lack in a certain area such as a particular diet. All Primal Chef placements include training and in-person evaluation to make sure they are cooking with the correct oils, flours, and other ingredients for a healthy lifestyle. 

Placement Process & Fee

Primal Chef collects a one time fee equal to 15% of the anticipated first-year salary. This fee includes:

- Recruitment, interviewing and hiring of chef candidate, guaranteed up to 30 days.

- Training the chef to Primal Chef standards.

- Background check

- Signing bonus for chef after the first 90 days

To view Primal Chef's quality standards, click here.

We can also train your existing chef for a reduced fee.

To get started, please contact us for a free consultation!

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