Meal Prep is for people that want chef prepared, health-focused food without the commitment or cost of employing their own private chef.
Most common commitment is 1-3 deliveries per week, depending on how fresh of meals you prefer. We take care of the menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking, and clean-up making it a stress-free experience.
We are personal chef service, not a generic meal prep service. This means every menu is 100% custom made for you and can be completely modified to your liking and dietary needs, down to every last spice. 

How It Works:

​Planning Stage

1. Fill out our Personal Chef Intake Form

2. We will contact you for a FREE consultation, confirm options, select start date, and collect the deposit.

3. Fill out our Dietary Intake Form, Equipment Intake Form (On-Site Only), Pantry Intake Form (On-Site Only) and Event Contract

4. We will use these forms to learn the types of foods you like and then propose a menu for your approval that works with your dietary needs. 

Service Stage (On-Site)

1. Chef arrives at your kitchen with groceries, or will have them delivered 1-2 hours prior to arrival.

2. Chefs prepares meals, typically within 4 hours, and packages them in your refrigerator.

3. Chef cleans the kitchen, leaving no trace of their work!

​Service Stage (Delivery)

1. We select an available delivery date.

2. Meals arrive on that date and are packed directly into your refrigerator or left in a safe location.

​Post Service

1. We will reach out for feedback and to confirm the next service date.

Service Options










Food stored in large containers, allowing you to mix and match meals and control portion sizes.



Individually packaged in small, set containers. Ready for reheating and immediate consumption.

Service Cost

You will receive up to 24 meals per delivery.

Food variety options: 

3 menu items: $400 + Food Cost
4 menu items: $500 + Food Cost 
6 menu items: $600 + Food Cost

*Menu item: ex. Chicken Pad Thai, Lamb Curry Stew, Beef Pot Roast, etc

The number of deliveries per week is up to you

More deliveries = fresher food, higher price.

Fewer deliveries = more leftovers, lower price.

Listed price is per delivery. Multiply the Service Cost with the number of deliveries you'd like per week for the weekly cost.


Deposit: Non-refundable deposit of $150 is due in order to secure each date and will be subtracted from the session’s final bill. Since this deposit is non-refundable, please ensure your availability before choosing a date. 

Container Fee: Single-use containers are billed as: small $1.00 each, medium $2.00 each, large $3.00 each. Alternatively you may request reusable glass containers, which will be billed at cost and are yours to keep whenever service ends.  


Supply Fee (Delivery Only): $25.00 per session. This fee covers utility and wear and tear costs for the chef’s kitchen. It also covers usage of house spices, condiments, and other supplies to keep your grocery bill down on items you don’t need much of. Finally, it covers up to 30 miles round-trip delivery. 

​Macro & Calorie Calculations: $50.00 per new menu.

Delivery: FREE within 30 miles round-trip of chef's kitchen. $0.57 per mile overage (30-60 miles round-trip). For longer distance deliveries, please contact us.  

Payment:  We take Venmo, Zelle, Square Cash, and most Debit cards for no fees. Credit card and PayPal payments will have 3% added. 

​Custom Meal Prep
​Are none of these plans right for you? Please contact us to discuss custom options.