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How it Works:

Planning Stage

1. You chose the style of Meal Prep you'd like (BULK or COMPOSED).

2. You choose if you'd like the meals prepared On-site or Delivered (if available). 

3. Fill out our Personal Chef Intake Form

4. We will contact you for a FREE consultation, confirm options, select start date, and collect a deposit.

5. Fill out our Dietary Intake Form, Equipment Intake Form, Pantry Intake Form and Event Contract

Service Stage (On-site)

1. Chef arrives at your kitchen with groceries purchased at Whole Foods, or will have them delivered 1-2 hours prior to arrival.

2. Chefs prepares meals, typically within 4 hours, and packages them in your refrigerator.

3. Chef cleans the kitchen, leaving no trace of their work!

Service Stage (Delivery)

1. We select an available weekly delivery date.

2. Meals arrive on that date and are packed directly into your refrigerator or left in a safe location.

Post Service

1. We will reach out for feedback and to confirm the next service date.



A non-refundable deposit of $150 is due in order to secure each date and will be subtracted from the day's total cost. Since this deposit is non-refundable, please ensure your availability before choosing a date.


For extreme circumstances we are happy to apply this deposit to a new date if possible.


For delivery, a one-time refundable $50 / person glass container deposit will be collected. This amount will be deducted from the final bill if containers are returned.

Service Options:

Bulk Meal Prep (Great for families) 

This option is the most economical, offering larger quantities of fewer meals. You will receive 3 different meals with up to 8 portions each. These meals can be more adventurous than the Composed option with many ethnic dishes available. 


Delivery: $400 + groceries + container deposit (Coming Soon - LA ONLY)

On-site: $500 + groceries

For Seattle,"Delivery" rate applies for "On-site"

See our Bulk Meal Prep Menu

Composed Meal Prep (Great for 1-2 people)

This option gives you the most variety, offering different lunch and dinners to last you through the work week. You will receive 10 different meals, 2 portions each, all packaged individually in glass-lock containers. The meals are typically a bit simpler, comprised of a protein, starchy, vegetable, and sauce, however tailored for your dietary needs. If you need more portions, simply add a second day halfway through the week, or for On-site we can stay longer same-day for a reduced rate. 


Delivery: $500 + groceries + container deposit (Coming Soon - LA ONLY)
On-site: $600 + groceries

For Seattle,"Delivery" rate applies for "On-site"

See our Composed Meal Prep Menu