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Primal Chef meal prep is for people who want chef prepared, health-focused food without the commitment or cost of employing their own private chef.
This means every menu is 100% custom made for you and can be completely modified to your liking and dietary needs, down to every last spice. There is no subscription and no long-term commitment required. If you frequently travel out of town, you can easily pause and resume on a week by week basis. 

We go beyond the traditional "protein, starch, vegetable, sauce" approach and instead offer amazing world cuisine, optimized for your dietary needs and goals.

Our menus are flavorful and often inspired from Chef Gil's personal travel to Asia, Mexico, Central & South America. See how we define "health-focused" by viewing our quality standards.

Many of our clients have been given extreme dietary restrictions from their health provider and trust us to make good, safe food from whatever ingredients you are able to eat.

How It Works

The first step is to set up a FREE phone consultation to go over service options, dietary restrictions, menu options, and delivery date.

You have the choice as to how many meals you would like and the number of servings of each meal. This is simply determined by how much variety you like, how many people are in the household, and how long you'd like the delivery to last. 

Generally, people tend to go with 1-3 deliveries per week. Regardless of which you choose, it can be enough to last the entire week. 

For packaging you have 2 options (pictured below).


1. Individual: Meals arrive in single serving containers.

2. Family Style: Meals arrive in a large foil trays.




Family Style

Meal Prep Cost Per Delivery

$600 + Grocery + Supply + Container

Choose From

3 complete meals, up to 8 servings each

4 complete meals, up to 6 servings each 

5 complete meals, up  to 5 servings each
6 complete meals, up to 4 servings each

7 complete meals, up to 3 servings each

8 complete meals, up to 2 servings each

9 complete meals, up to 1 serving each

A "complete meal" includes an entrée and any relevant sides, for example Chicken Teriyaki served with roasted broccoli and cauliflower rice would be one "complete meal." 

To determine your total weekly cost, you just need to decide how many deliveries per week you want. Some people just do one per week and spend a total of $600. Others want a more premium experience with fresh food arriving every few days and spend $1,200 for 2 deliveries or $1,800 for 3. 

The more servings you choose will result in a higher grocery cost. 

Custom plans are also available during your consultation. 


Supply: This $25 charge covers usage of house spices, condiments, and other supplies to keep your grocery bill down.

Containers: Single-use containers are billed at cost, typically ranging from $0.60 - $1.00 each. Larger bulk containers are anywhere from $0.65-$3 each. Alternatively you may request reusable glass containers, which will be billed at cost and are yours to keep whenever service ends.  

Deposit: For your first delivery, a non-refundable deposit of $250 is due in order to secure the date, and it will be subtracted from the session’s final bill. Since this deposit is non-refundable, please ensure your availability before choosing a date. 

Delivery: The chef will deliver your meals for free to many locations within city limits. If you are outside of our usual range, delivery is still available via our delivery partners, billed with their rates.

Payment: We accept Venmo or QuickBooks ACH without fees. Credit card will have 3% added. 

Ready to get started?

Fill out this form and you will be contacted to schedule your free consultation!

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