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This 5 day service is for high-net-worth individuals and families that need a total health transformation.  In order to perform at your maximum potential it is absolutely essential to have proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Primal Chef can be your one-stop solution to building new healthy habits. This service takes place at your desired residence with discretion and privacy being the top priority.  


1. On-site fresh lunch & dinner service from an experienced health-focused Private Chef during the 5 day program.

2. Assessment of current pantry, refrigerator, and freezer for toxic ingredients, fulling stocking with healthier options.

3. Assessment of current cookware for toxic materials with written replacement suggestions.

4. Personalized nutrition consultations with all family members wishing to make a change with one virtual follow-up.

5. Assessment and recommendation of bedroom and living space to optimize sleep and performance. 

6. Training for existing house staff and / or family members in a series of health-focused cooking classes. 

7. On the final day, our top level meal prep service will be performed leaving packaged meals in the refrigerator for the following week.


$10,000 + weekly grocery expense.

For more information contact Chef Gil directly at

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